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Porsche Club of America members are a great demographic to advertise to. As a diverse crowd of Porsche enthusiasts, they are the perfect group to support your local brand. Porsche Clubs can be found all over the United States, and membership is open to anyone who owns or leases a Porsche. Porsche Club members are passionate about their cars, and they are also very brand loyal. This makes them the perfect audience for local businesses who want to advertise their products or services. Porsche Club members are also active in their communities, and they are always looking for new ways to support local businesses. By advertising with Wichita Region Porsche Club of America, you can reach a highly target audience of Porsche enthusiasts who are also brand loyalists and active in their communities.

Advertising funds directly support our website and online communications. This enables us to grow membership, communicate to our local event goers, and general public about our activities in the community.


  • Your logo tastefully positioned so that your brand is professionally represented and maximizes visibility. Your logo links to the URL of your choosing.
  • Your logo on a sign at all our meetings.
  • Featured supporters get priority placement for special events and gatherings.

The benefits of being a sponsor include increased awareness of your brand, reaching new customers, and supporting a worthy cause. As a sponsor, you also have the opportunity to build relationships with other businesses and individuals.

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